BOA Year 12 Acting: Henry V


Thu Jul 04 2024 at 07:00 pm


The Old Rep | Birmingham, EN

There’s a new heir in town! Henry is ripped away from the excess of his younger, wilder days drinking and gambling, to be crowned the new King of England after the death of his father.
Fresh to the throne, he soon sets into motion a bloody war against France, in his drive to take over their territory and make his mark. Taking heavy inspiration from Guy Richie’s ‘The Gentlemen’ our version of Henry V becomes a fresh take on this classic play, pushing the stylistic elements that are so iconic with Richie’s work. Henry’s aristocratic origins are at odds with the drug and gang empire he has inherited, and he needs to make bold and bloody choices to cement his rule as leader.
He, and his people, must now navigate a world of eclectic and dangerous characters to ensure he remains king and takes what he’s been assured is rightfully his…but at what cost
Directed by Jade Allen, supported by Laura Emery.

Where is it happening?

The Old Rep, Station Street,Birmingham, United Kingdom
The Old Rep

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