Birmingham Friendly 2022


Sat Jan 29 2022 at 09:00 am to 09:00 pm


Great Hall the University of Birmingham | Birmingham, EN

Birmingham Friendly 2022 We welcome your attendance at the Birmingham Friendly Competition 2022, which will take place on Saturday 29th January at the Aston Webb Great Hall at the University of Birmingham.
Team Captain information:
More information to follow regarding spectator tickets - we plan to offer them through the Guild of Students website.
Entry: £16
Rock 'n' Roll and Salsa only: £7
Late entry: additional £5
1. Beginner Waltz
2. Beginner Quickstep
3. Novice Waltz/Quickstep (WQ)
4. Beginner/Novice Tango
5. Beginner/Novice Same-Sex Waltz/Quickstep (WQ)
6. Intermediate/Advanced Same-Sex Waltz/Quickstep (WQ)
7. Pre-Intermediate Waltz/Quickstep (WTQ)
8. Intermediate Waltz/Tango/Quickstep (WTQ)
9. Advanced Waltz/Tango/Quickstep (WTQ)
10. Open Viennese Waltz
11. Open Foxtrot
12. Fun Dance - Back-to-Back Waltz
13. Non-acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll
14. Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll
15. Open Salsa
16. Beginner Cha-Cha
17. Beginner Jive
18. Novice Cha-Cha/Jive (CJ)
19. Beginner/Novice Rumba
20. Beginner/Novice Same-Sex Cha-Cha/Jive (CJ)
21. Intermediate/Advanced Same-Sex Cha-Cha/Jive (CJ)
22. Pre-Intermediate Cha-Cha/Jive (CJ)
23. Intermediate Cha-Cha/Rumba/Jive (CRJ)
24. Advanced Cha-Cha/Rumba/Jive (CRJ)
25. Open Samba
26. Open Paso Doble
27. Fun Dance - Straight Legged Samba
28. Team Match
1. Gary Foster
2. Ronald Jager
3. Morgan Hemphill
4. Richard Rose
5. Leila Stewart
Compére: Kevin Allcott
Music: Scott Blant-Harwood

Where is it happening?

Great Hall the University of Birmingham, Aston Webb Bldg, Birmingham, UK, Birmingham, United Kingdom
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