Beginners Touch (Part 1) - 3Hour massage workshop with Mads Ananda Lodahl


Sun Mar 10 2024 at 12:30 pm to 03:30 pm


Rört | Copenhagen , SK

[This workshop is part 1 of a series of 2, you can join both workshops or just one of them, read more below]

TOUCH IS ESSENTIAL FOR HUMANS - This is how we connect, heal, and bond. Without touch we can feel isolated and lost and even get sick. With safe touch –however – we can heal even the oldest, deepest trauma.
But how do we give and receive touch in a good way?
In these two practical workshops we will explore touch and massage in a safe, playful and experiential atmosphere.
Absolute beginners in the realm of touch and massage are very welcome, and more experienced people will have a chance to get back to the fundamentals and practice "beginner's mind".
OBS: Most of the workshops consists of partner exercises. A part of the learning is about touching different people – including strangers – but if this feels uncomfortable to you, you are welcome to come with a friend and partner up with them throughout the workshops. Consent is key either way!
These are body-positive, non-sexual workshops. We will not be using oil, so you can be fully dressed through the whole workshop if you prefer. Up to you. Bring comfortable clothes. We have everything else you might need but if you want you can bring blankets, pillows etc. to create a little nest.
In March and April there are two Beginners Touch workshops and you can join either one or both as you like (if you buy a ticket for the first, you will get a discount for the second). Part 2 builds on part 1 but even if you didn't attend part 1 you will still be able to join part 2. No problem.
PART 1 - March 10th 12:30 - 15:30
After a tiny bit of theoretical insight we will go through a series of short practical exercises and end up with a longer session in which we have a chance to practice what we learned and experience the joy of consensual, embodied touch.
PART 2 - April 7th 12:30 - 15:30
We get a bit more technical and learn different kinds of strokes and techniques to touch others. What kinds of touch will calm, energize, sooth, comfort, or make someone happy? After a practical introduction to these different approaches you will have a chance to practice and enjoy giving and receiving longer sessions together.
Mads Ananda Lodahl is a holistic bodyworker, trained in Thai massage, Swedish massage, MindBody Therapy and more. He has been working primarily with queer and trans clients for the last five years and has been giving all kinds of workshops for more than 15 years. He promises to do his best to create a safe, fun, and curious atmosphere and he enjoys teaching divers groups of people where everyone feels seen and welcome.
For Rört members:
300 kr. for a single ticket 500 kr. when you join as a couple (see below for couple ticket).
For non-members:
380 kr. for a single ticket, 620 kr. when you join as a couple (see below for couple ticket).
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If you join the first workshop, you will also receive an additional 10 % discount if you join the second workshop

Where is it happening?

Rört, Vermundsgade 13, 2100 København Ø, Danmark,Copenhagen, Copenhagen , Denmark

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