Bashundhara presents 4th NDC National Math Festival powered by Vooter Adda


Thu Apr 25 2024 at 01:00 pm to Sat Apr 27 2024 at 10:00 pm


Notre Dame College, Dhaka | Dhaka, DA

Calling all equation alchemists! Grab your protractors, sharpen your pencils and prepare for a journey as a new mathematical adventure awaits!
After a full revolution around the sun, ????? ???? ???? ???? returns, unfolding the grand curtains of our Flagship event, "??????????? ???????? ??? ??? ???????? ???? ???????? ??????? ?? ?????? ????".
Do you keep biting on pen-caps while pondering solutions to mathzy mysteries? Are you interested in quenching your intellectual thirst for mathematical curiosity? Is your love for math like a hyperbolic inflation that stretches spacetime itself? Then this festival is your platform to bathe in the limelight. Compete with fellow mathematicians nationwide, and show your mathematical caliber!
So, enthusiasts! Let your neurons resonate, and be prepared to delve into a mathematical expedition where every segment is a turn of a Rubik's cube with seemingly endless possibilities. Every problem here is a treasure chest full of beautiful equations hidden with logical twists. This is an exponentially growing explosion of intellectual fireworks, where numbers whisper stories, equations sing symphonies, and algorithms paint masterpieces.
✪ ????? : Notre Dame College, Dhaka
✪ ???? : April 25 - April 27
✪ ???????????? ???? :
✪ ???????????? ??? : 100 tk
• Paying this fee makes you eligible for every solo and team event.
• In case of team events, the other members of your team should also register individually.
• For submission-based events, no registration is required.
• The registration fee and the registration link of the 'Treasure Hunt' event will be revealed later.
✪ ???????????? ???????:
■ ??????:
• Go to the website:
• Enter your name, email address, mobile number and other details in the form.
• Select the segments you want to participate.
• Manually pay through bKash, Rocket, Nagad or Upay.
• Provide the necessary details regarding your payment.
• Click on the "Submit" button.
• You will receive a confirmation mail within 2 days.
• Once your payment is confirmed and you receive the confirmation e-mail, you will be registered.
■ ???????:
There will be our official booths in renowned institutions of Dhaka where the participants will register accordingly.
✪ ??????????:
The participants will be divided into four categories:
• ??????? (?) : Class 3, 4, 5
• ?????? (?) : Class 6, 7, 8
• ????????? (?) : Class 9, 10, SSC Batch '24
• ?????? ????????? (??) : Class 11, 12 (HSC Batch '24)
✪ ??????? ????:

■ ???? ??????:
?. Math Olympiad (Find Based)
?. Math Olympiad (Proof Based)
?. Math in Motion
?. Calculus Mania
?. CombiConundrum
?. Numeralgia
?. Function Graphing
?. Geometric Construction
?. Crack the Code
??. Human Calculator
??. Speed Math (Online) + Math Count (Stage Round)
??. IQ Olympiad
??. Math History Quiz
??. Sudoku
??. Crossword Puzzle
??. Speed Cubing
■ ???? ??????:

??. Project Display
• Mathematical Project
• Mechanical Project
• IT & Statistical Project
??. Wall Magazine
??. Scrapbook
??. Multimedia Presentation
??. Math Relay
■ ?????????? ????? ?????s:
??. Article Submission
??. Mathinema
??. Math Memes
■ ??????? ??????:
??. Workshops
??. Treasure Hunt
??. Cultural Performance
✪ ??????? ???????????:
■ ???? ??????:
• ??????? ??????????????:
* Questions will be provided in both English & Bangla.
* Cheating will result in immediate disqualification.
* The top 3 performers from each category will be rewarded.
* Necessary rules and regulations will be revealed in the specific discussion posts of every solo segment.
?. ???? ???????? (????) (? + ? + ? + ??, 1 ???? 30 ???):
This is actually a computational Math Olympiad where you will unravel challenging problems and provide only the final answers. This segment is a true test of your problem-solving skills and mathematical knowledge without the need for detailed solutions.
If you are new to this olympiad, follow the BdMO (Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad) website:

?. ???? ???????? (?????) (? + ? + ? + ??, 2 ????):
You will dive into the world of reasoning by solving intricate Olympiad problems and crafting compelling proofs. This segment will test your problem-solving prowess, mathematical acumen, and critical thinking skills. You will grapple with elegant and intricate mathematical proofs that demand creativity and insight.

?. ???? ?? ?????? (? + ??, 1 ???? 20 ???):
You will assemble to tackle cutting-edge problems rooted in real-world applications! Our carefully crafted question set will draw upon the domain of mathematics in the real world such as mechanics, data analysis, dynamics, and other areas of applied mathematics. You will have an opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of these concepts, display your logical reasoning and innovative thinking. Let knowledge be put in motion!
?. ???????? ????? (??, 2 ????):
"The calculus is the greatest aid we have to the application of physical truth in the broadest sense of the world." - William Fogg Osgood
Therefore, calculus is a crucial tool in fields ranging from physics and engineering to economics and beyond, and its impact on our world is immeasurable. This segment named 'Calculus Mania' is solely dedicated to 'Calculus' where equations dance with imagination and theorems come to life. Here change and motion will take center stage as the participants will delve into the intricacies of limits, derivatives, and integrals.

?. ?????????????? (? + ? + ??, 50 ???):
"Combinatorics is the domain of the effervescent, the irresistible, and the overpowering, offering the most direct and easiest path to all forms of knowledge." - Paul Halmos
This segment is one of the finest chances to explore the mesmerizing realm of combinatorial mathematics where you will navigate through complex combinatorics problems involving counting techniques, probability theory, pigeonhole principle, graph theory, recursion, and the inclusion-exclusion principle.

?. ?????????? (? + ? + ??, 50 ???):
If a mathematician’s heart resonates with the redefined rhythm of number theory and exquisite verses of algebraic equations, then here lies his moment to step forth into the enigmatic realms of number theories and algebraic equations. Introducing “Numeralgia”, where you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of number theory and solve intricate and thought-provoking problems of prime numbers, divisibility, congruences, and other number theory concepts. You will also tackle a series of algebraic equations, inequalities, and expressions designed to test your problem-solving skills in this arena.

?. ???????? ???????? (? + ??, 50 ???):
Introducing an exciting event that will put your understanding of algebraic equations and the relationships between their variables to testament. Here, you will bring functions to life by sketching your graphs and pinpointing key features. Conversely, you will also be tasked with the creation of functions based on the provided graphs. This segment will gauge your grasp of functions and your ability to relate between mathematical concepts and their visual form.
?. ????????? ???????????? (? + ? + ??, 1 ????):
You will dive into the world of classical geometry, and construct elegant and sophisticated shapes, angles, and figures with nothing more than a compass, straight edge, and your mathematical know-how based on given information about geometrical structures. Diverging from angles and triangles to circles and polygons, from angle bisectors to medians, and from tangents to perpendiculars, this event will test your geometrical construction skills and your precision in constructing geometric figures.

?. ????? ??? ???? (? + ? + ??, 1 ???? 10 ????):
An exhilarating mathematical event that will challenge you to decipher codes from given clues and decrypt hidden codes within texts. This innovative mathematical competition features a variety of creative and mind-bending questions, offering an exciting test of analytical and problem-solving skills.

??. ????? ?????????? (??? ????????, 20 ???):
If a little calculator can calculate, then anyone can too. Therefore, in this event, you will have to put your mental arithmetic skills to the test by solving a series of arithmetic problems without any external aid.

??. ????? ???? & ???? ?????? (? + ? + ? + ??, 1 ????):
It is a dynamic mathematical combat where you will have to compete against the clock to solve a series of mind-blowing mathematical problems. This is an online segment, which means everyone in Bangladesh (and outside) can participate in it. This segment will be hosted on the official website of NDMC.

??. ?? ???????? (? + ? + ? + ??, 30 ???):
Incredibly intelligent people always seem odd to those who aren’t as sharp. However, we are inclined to discover those odd ones. You might be the Euler or Einstein of this century. Here in this event, you will tackle a variety of problems designed to challenge your IQ, including mathematical conundrums. This event is a test of your problem-solving agility and abstract reasoning capabilities.
??. ???? ??????? ???? (? + ??, 35 ???):
You will journey through time by answering short questions on the history of mathematics along with the life of mathematicians, their history, and the interesting stories behind their inventions. This event will pay a small tribute to the mathematicians for whom our civilization rolled onto this stage.

??. ?????? (??? ????????, 30 ???):
In this event, you can showcase your logical reasoning skills by solving a Sudoku puzzle - a logic-based number placement game where a 9×9 grid must be filled with numbers from 1-9 without any repeated numbers in each row, column and 3×3 squares.
??. ????????? ?????? (? + ? + ? + ??, 20 ???):
This event is a unique fusion of words and numbers where the participants will decipher a crossword puzzle with clues steeped in mathematical concepts and terminology. It is a fun way to test your familiarity with mathematics vocabulary and your problem-solving dexterity.
??. ????? ?????? (? + ? + ? + ??):
In this era of puzzle-solving, who doesn’t know about this strenuous yet fascinating object? It is one of the most famous and intriguing puzzles of all time, having a total of 43 quintillion possible combinations! So, do you want to be that speedcuber who can crack this challenging perplex in the least possible time, even under pressure? Then this event is just for you.

■ ???? ??????:
• ??????? ??????????????:
* Every team must consist of 3 participants except Scrapbook which will feature 2 participants.
* The top 3 teams from each category will be rewarded.
* Necessary rules and regulations will be revealed in the specific discussion posts of every team segment.
??. ??????? ???????:
This exciting event is designed to showcase the creative and problem-solving abilities of the students in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, IT and Robotics.
??????? ?????:
• ???ℎ??????? (? + ? + ? + ??)
Your team will unleash the power of mathematics by creating a project that explores its real-world applications or demonstrates any mathematical model or visual proof of any theorem.
• ???ℎ????? (? + ? + ??)
Your team will discover the world of physics and mechanics by building a project that depicts your technical, practical, and creative skills. You will build a working model, prototype, design, or device that illustrates the applications of mechanical engineering or anything related to physics.
• ?? & ?????????? (? + ? + ??)
You will dive into the digital arena by elucidating a project that highlights automation, programming, or AI inventions. You will prove your ability to bring cutting-edge IT and robotics to life.
??. ???? ????? (? + ? + ??, 30 ???):
Teams will race against the clock, showcasing their problem-solving skills in a variety of mathematical disciplines. It's a high-energy event where teamwork and quick thinking in respective topics are paramount.
The first, second & third member will solve a Combinatorics, Geometry and Number theory problem respectively. Only when the first member solves his question then the second member can start solving his problem using the answer given by the first member. Same scenery for the second to the third member.
??. ???? ???????? (? + ? + ? + ??):
This event celebrates the power of artistic expression and storytelling through visually striking displays. You guys will have the opportunity to showcase your latent talents in this vibrant and creative platform that bridges the connection between wisdom and demonstration.
Your wall magazine can be based on any topic.
??. ????????? (? + ? + ??):
You will plunge into an ocean of creativity armed with scissors, glue, and a wealth of inventive ideas along with their imagination. You will intricately weave together unique yet visually arresting scrapbook pages that are not just a reflection of your artistic spirit, but also a window into your creative visions.
Your scrapbook can be based on any topic.
??. ?????????? ???????????? (? + ? + ??):
This event aims to foster a love for mathematics, enhance presentation skills, and promote creative thinking among students. Here, you will have to create compelling narratives using a variety of multimedia elements such as graphics, audio, video, and animation. This event is not just about showcasing technical skills, but also about how effectively one can communicate and engage an audience using multimedia tools.
Calling all math mavens!
Here is the much-awaited topic list for the team segment ?????????? ????????????, customized for each category.
??????: Mathematical Series Or, Planar Geometry
?????????: Calculus Or, Graphs of Functions
?????? ?????????: Linear Algebra Or, Non-eucledean Geometry
■ ?????????? ????? ??????:
• ??????? ??????????????:
* These are all solo events.
* Plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.
* The top 3 performers from each category will be rewarded.
??. ??????? ??????? (? + ? + ? + ??):
This segment is an opportunity to demonstrate mathematical adroitness through the power of the written words. In this competition, you are invited to craft enthralling and informative math articles on a wide range of topics within the realm of mathematics. This competition is designed to celebrate the talent of students who are passionate about mathematics and gifted with the ability to articulate complex concepts with clarity and precision.
????? ??? ???????????:
• The writings must be related to mathematics.
• The maximum word limit is 1200.
• It must be written by hand. Online copies won’t be evaluated.
• It should be submitted to the help desk during the event.
??. ????????? (??? ????????):
It is such a segment in which you have to submit a catchy video on any sublime mathematical topic. It may comprise any mathematician's life story, a visual proof of any formula, an idea, or anything else. Mathinema will transform mathematical problem-solving and enigmatic mysteries into a mesmerizing, educational cinematic experience that brings the world of math to life on screen.
????? ??? ???????????:
• Maximum video length is 5:00 minutes.
• You have to submit your videos in the NDMC Public group, under the hashtag: #NDMCMathinema mentioning your name, institution’s name and class.
• Videos can be humorous but respectful. Submitting offensive, discriminatory, and inappropriate content will result in disqualification.
• The judgment will be made based on Facebook reaction, comments, and sharing of that post until 11:59 p.m. on 24th April 2024.
• You cannot post the video on other platforms till the end of the festival. But they can share the original post anywhere.
??. ???? ????? (??? ????????):
You will create and share math-themed memes that add a dose of laughter to even the most complex equations. From clever puns to relatable math struggles, this event celebrates the lighter side of numbers, all while fostering a sense of community among math enthusiasts.
????? ??? ???????????:
• Memes can be in the form of images, GIFs, or videos and should be in a common format (JPEG or PNG for images and GIF or MP4 for videos).
• You have to submit your memes in the NDMC Public group, under the hashtag: #NDMCMeme mentioning your name, institution’s name and class.
• Memes should be humorous but respectful. Submitting offensive, discriminatory, and inappropriate content will result in disqualification.
• One can submit as many memes as they want.
• The judgment will be made based on Facebook reaction, comments, and sharing of that post until 11:59 p.m. on 24th April 2024.
• You cannot post the memes on other platforms till the end of the festival. But you can share the original post anywhere.
■ ??????? ??????:
??. ????????? (? + ? + ? + ??, 3 ????):
Workshops are one of the most practical ways of enriching our knowledge, where any unique demonstration of any topic can illustrate our mind-field collectively. NDMC has been organizing a handful of workshops, related to mathematics, on several spellbinding topics to clinch the thirst of math philonoists. NDMC will organize math workshops this year for enthusiasts, featuring prominent Bangladeshi mathematicians and IMO medallists.
??. ???????? ???? (??? ????????, 1 ???? 50 ???):
You will navigate through a captivating labyrinth of mathematical challenges, each leading you closer to the ultimate mathematical treasure. This event combines problem-solving, teamwork, and strategic thinking as teams decode clues, solve equations, and unravel the mysteries concealed within the mathematical landscape.
(All the details along with the registration link will be revealed soon.)
??. ???????? ??????????? (1 ????):
This is our ultimate fun event having a mesmerizing 'Cultural Performance' featuring a renowned and dynamic band that will take the stage to deliver a heart-pounding show filled with thrilling songs.
(Band details will be revealed soon.)
✪ ????????? ??????? ???????????:
■ ???????????? : +8801323567688
■ ??????? ???? : +8801319232292
■ ??????????? : +8801976205878
■ ?????? ?????????? : +8801940375045
■ ??????? ??????? : +8801851909061
Be ready to experience the ultimate thrill of weaving the wonder of numbers and equations with the "??? ??? ???????? ???? ???????? - ????". Till then, stay tuned!!!
#4thNDCNMF #ConnectTheDots #EscapeTheMatrix

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