Awaken the Dancer - weekend Amsterdam


Fri May 20 2022 at 05:00 pm to Sun May 22 2022 at 05:00 pm


Ecstatic Dance Odessa Amsterdam | Amsterdam, NH

Awaken the Dancer
We invite you to a workshop which was created from a shared passion for movement and self-development, a combination of many year's practice and experience. An extraordinary journey awaits you, during which your inner dancer will be awakened and you will make deeper contact with your body, intuition and the natural flow of energy.
This workshop is about You and Your body. How to find a natural flow in movement and dance, freed from constricted frames of choreography. It is a dance of your emotions and what You are going through at the moment. It’s about searching for the authentic movement and following your intuition step by step.
The energy of life and creation flows in each of us. They can be felt and experienced through movement and dance, which have a profoundly transformative effect on our body, emotions and life. Anyone can express themselves through dance, regardless of age or technique. During the workshop, we will wake up our inner dancer and learn to deeply feel the body, open up to intuitive movement and follow what is authentic for us at the moment.
Releasing your body and granting yourself free expression can be deeply healing on many levels. Body and mind are inseparably connected and their relationship is reflected in our lived experience. Through consistent and conscious growth, we can genuinely influence life, relationships, body and experiences, deepen our contact with ourselves and other people, transform relationships, experience more pleasure and lightness in life and in the whole being.
From this unique connection with ourselves, we will experience what it is like to open ourselves to feel others and connection in movement without imposed structure and techniques, so that the flow between the dancers is as natural and authentic as possible.
We will deepen the connection and learn how to dance in couples.
It's more than just dancing, it's being right here and now in the truth of your body and sharing this energy and flow with others.
We will look for natural movement in ourselves and find our convenience in this, rejoicing in the dance and in the body. Such work will introduce us to another dimension of communication. Primal, rooted in our body, instinctive, essential.
This way of communication will allow us to move into another reality, it will activate dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins in our body, which can lead to ecstatic experiences. But it can also open us to ourselves, to feeling, healing, the path of releasing emotions, medicine, movement ... let us understand others and ourselves through expanding our awareness.

Workshops are for everyone looking for a deeper contact with themselves and with what surrounds us, regardless of their dance experience. For those who are already dancing, but want to go deeper into the emotions in dancing and feeling themselves. For those who want to dance, but do not know how to start, and standard lessons are not satisfying. For those who want to feel the flow of dance between one or more people, find one’s unique style and the form of expression.
What you will experience:
- how to feel safe while dancing
- how to find your authentic movement
- how to let go the shame and set your body free
- how to accept and love your unique way of moving
- how to get joy and energy from movement
- how to communicate with your emotions and feelings through movement
- how to use movement and dance to grow awareness
- how to create a safe space in interaction with others
- how to feel comfortable dancing with another person
- how to allow yourself to express yourself freely within the dancing relation with others
- we will learn our dance language, and then we will learn to listen to the language of others
- once we learn to listen - we will learn to talk and conduct a conversation by means of movement and dance, so that it can then turn into a dialogue with a partner or with many people
Our workshop combines work with the body, dance, therapeutic methods, spiritual and tantric paths, and above all many years of our experience and practice in the fields of movement, dance, therapy and bodywork.
Free your body and your mind will follow

DATE: May 20th (Friday) - May 22nd (Sunday)
We start on Friday around 5:00 p.m.
On Saturday, classes last from morning to late evening,
On Sunday we finish around 17:00.
Meal breaks are planned on Saturday and Sunday.
260 € - early bird - until 28th of February - 10 spots
320 € - regular price – from 1st of March
the price of the workshop does not include accommodation and meals
for bringing an additional person - 15€ discount
Odessa Amsterdam:
Veemkade 259 | 1019 CZ Amsterdam
[email protected]
Anna: cell / WhatsApp +48 535 555 994
Workshop will be lead in English

Jan Górczak
Dancer, traveler, photographer, DJ. A competitor and trainer of Dragon Boat European championships from 2017, with 10 years of experience. Jan is a dance passionate and various forms of movement development such as zouk, crossfit, movement (Ido Portal) and intuitive dance. He gained a workshop with teachers such as Brenda & Anderson, Xandy Liberato, Pasty & Hilde, Joanna Czajkowska, Klaudia Kopiec, and Pati and Luke. In 2019, he was invited by the Sopot Dance Theater to participate in the "TAB' New beegining" dance performance, which premiered in 2020 at the Sopot theater.
For many years he has been traveling the world photographing, learning and practicing at dance, music and tantric festivals, among others.
He is passionate about the diversity of culture and its impact on society as well as the role and functioning of man in an organized community. He loves to play complicated board games and create magic in his surroundings.
Anna Sandra
Founder of Making OH! self development space for couples and individuals. Lead facilitator in Art Of Love School founded by Shachar Caspi. Anna is guiding workshops, woman circles, Dance Medicine evenings, and 7-day Art of Love Intensive training. Co-organizer of the Festival of Awareness and Body Work Serpiente 2019 and 2020 and various international tantric workshops.
She is a sex educator, passionate about self growth, therapy, body work, dance and tantra.
During the last 9 years Anna has been learning different methods of body and therapy work, such as Lowen body psychotherapy, Osho meditations, mindfulness, psychology, Contact Improvisation, sexual education, tantra and more.
Anna is passionate about living life in truth and full potential, embracing all challenges and always finding a spark of light in the deepest darkness. She believes that expanding the heart space and bringing awareness into your life opens pathways to live fully and in harmony with the universe.

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Ecstatic Dance Odessa Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Awaken the Dancer

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