AOS Orruk-Tober: The Greentide Rises


Sun Oct 17 2021 at 12:00 pm to 05:00 pm


War Room Games | Las Vegas, NV

AOS Orruk-Tober: The Greentide Rises
Calling all AoS Orruk Players as well as our fellow AoS Defenders of the Realm, you are needed for a grand event!
Orruk players need to bring as many points as they can/own to lay siege to the great city of Excelsis! And everybody else we must defend the city against the Green Tide. Bring what forces you can as we have an epic 2 pronged siege of the city.
Where is it happening?
War Room Games, 2560 E. Sunset Rd suite 110, Las Vegas, United States
Host or PublisherWar Room Games
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