Ancient Guzheng Concert with Mindful Tea Ceremony (Rare Opportunity!)


Sun Feb 12 2023 at 02:30 pm to 04:30 pm

Location Amsterdam Tea Culture Club | Amsterdam, NH

You are invited to an ancient and mindful journey via a tea ceremony into the relaxing vibrations of a rare instrument, Guzheng.
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You are invited to an ancient and mindful journey through a tea ceremony with guided meditation into the realm of relaxing vibrations of a rare Chinese zither, the Guzheng (古箏) on Feb 12th from 14:30-16:30, in one of the most beautiful and cultural Tea Club, Moychay Amsterdam. This powerful yet peaceful combination of creation has been appreciated for thousands of years in China, as a way to respect nature, quiet the mind and connect with heart.

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For the Tea Ceremony (‘Cha Dao’ 茶道, the way of nature through tea), Leila will present specially selected tea with the season and guide you through a tea meditation that cultivates mindful process and fluid flow in a harmonious atmosphere that brings us together and improves our taste bud and senses, health and soul. Tasty, fresh and healthy sweets will also be shared to pair with the tea to enhance all your senses. It's about more being and less doing.

You can relax, taste and enjoy the ambient live music of another jewel of the traditional Chinese culture, Guzheng by Jingfan. Guzheng is around 2500 years old with usually 21 strings tuned in pentatonics. It is one of the musical instruments recognised by UNESCO and it is one of our most precious ancient gift. It will create a peaceful yet grounding atmosphere throughout and after the tea ceremony, taking you on an inner journey.

For especially those who seek to slow down your busy life and to be more present in the moments, this combination of Tea Ceremony, Meditation and Guzheng Concert will be a great way to set a relaxing tune for the day, and start a mindful weekend/week. This activity is suitable as an original and rare present for lovers of ancient wisdom, traditional cultures, rituals, tea and live music. Or someone who's curious about something new. Also, you can give this experience as a gift to your loved one, offering a refreshing afternoon from out of this world.

Check out IG page for more info: @leilarts_teaceremony

Guzheng video/what ancient Guzheng could sound like:


Where is it happening? Amsterdam Tea Culture Club, 92H Rozengracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Tea Ceremony and Dao with Leila

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