Adult Content Creator and making Home Movies Expo and Trade Show


Fri Sep 23 2022 at 02:22 pm to Sat Sep 24 2022 at 12:00 am


RED SPACE | Cleveland, OH

Important!!!! Please read entire description before purchasing tickets!!!!
About this Event

Important!!!! Please read entire description before purchasing tickets!!!!

Hello, I am a first time vent organizer with a lot of drive. I've gotten pointers from former organizers that used to host some of the largest trade shows and events. I also have some vendors that are already interested in vending the event. This Is an expo for people in the alternative lifestyle to meet local creators and vendors grab a fashion show and entertainment and a alt lifestyle fashion show, see some guest speakers or local lifestyle people speak about what makes it great for them and for people in the newly changing landscape of adult film to meet in a more conductive and less problemed manner. Bringing the adult scene in Ohio a more above the board place to really shop the adult scene, have a nice time and not have to travel outside the state or country to do, supporting the little people in Ohio. There will be a section just for the content creators of the NE Ohio region to meet, talk and exchange details and grab refreshments, a vendor row section spanning most of the space of the venue where vendors operate the entire spanning of the event where they can attend shows at their leisure, a fashion show featuring Cleveland and region local aficionados wares and creations including alt lifestyle materials like latex and speakers from the local and regional scene, this may be dependent on what talent I can find in the aficionado community, but I have gotten some parties interested in participating from the local scene. I may also accept people that don't have vendors licenses creations as part of the show if they are for strictly artistic show, especially if I'm lacking in finding latex artists, I do want the latex community to have a spot in my show because it is a very undervalued part of the scene here in the Midwest, also, if an up and coming artist wants featured, as a gesture toward them getting their work recognized by locals I may accept such requests. I would like to have a good even keel of latex garment involved vendors represented at the event, helping bring better value to them in the local scene as well as very unique local homebrew and grassroots lifestyle vendors, somewhat like you see at local music festivals and tattoo expos or the much more nationwide and international adult expos, starting right in the heart of Cleveland,

And giving our local community an off season time to shine.

There is the avn awards and the Montreal weekend expo in Canada and the Berlin festivals, counting a few shows for latex fashion in Detroit, but nothing major for our area or to help people in the local scene come together and for people interested in the alternative lifestyle community to have a good time and really major have a fun te buying all sorts of wares from the vendors and enthusiasts in the scene.

This event was created to do just that.

There will be adverts at the event on proper safety and rules all filmmakers and content creators on most modern sites have to follow In order to have their vids monetized and they will be part of the rules you agree to in meeting someone at the event, there will be a security detail and anyone part of the content creators section will have to send details of their content creator page or join the fetlife even page, click attending and have their content links on their profile so that they can be properly vetted for safety and as not a reposter or scam artist. There will also only be base level meet and greet type activities and any activities on the event meet must only involve agreements involving future advertising proceeds from verified production companies websites between grassroots creators none current or past are to be involved and this will be policed, this event is to give current grassroots creators a safe space to meet and greet and large production companies are also not to get involved in the meet and greet process, they are however, their talent scouts welcome to as well as smaller Ohio production companies to vend and give information out at the event.

Thank you for reading the rules of conduct and about section for this event, as they are very important.

If anyone has ay questions please don't hesitate to email me for further details.

Reduced cost vendor admissions will be available for struggling artists, especially in the CLE and Ashtabula areas with a transient license

I will also be needing a security detail and someone good at running ops and verifying the backgrounds of people wanting to be in the content creator get together or meet and greet section of the event and to make sure that people that are creators space and happiness is respected during the event

If you have a background in any of these types of work and have a good track record and review history please contact me at: [email protected]

Also, sorry if the event has not been updated or the post is in disarray, I am working on the page and advertising the event as well as getting event artwork

I've also made this event invite only on its promotional page on fetlife so that I can properly vet who is going to be attending.

See you All there. ;)

Masks will also be required for this event.

The cost for renting the space is 4500 per day, if ticket sales do not meet this criteria by the date it is to be held I will need to postpone it because i will not be able to cover the cost of holding the event.


Where is it happening?

RED SPACE, 2400 Superior Avenue, Cleveland, United States

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