6th HCCELC Inter College English Language Festival


Fri May 03 2024 at 10:00 am to Sat May 04 2024 at 06:00 pm


Holy Cross College, Dhaka | Dhaka, DA

Amidst fabricated misty, gas-lit afternoons, do you typically delve into unravelling enigmatic mysteries in the shadowy corners of opulent London with the astute Mr. Sherlock Holmes? Do you, at times, harbour an unspoken yearning to behold a majestic theatrical performance where Oscar Wilde's wit dances through the air? Do you sometimes ponder over Charles Dickens's insightful social commentary or contemplate the profound musings of Mr. Rochester? Have you ever been mesmerised by the bewitching verses of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and become overwhelmed with fervent emotions?
Then your presence here may have been written in the stars – welcome, to the grand fiesta that is the "6th Inter College English Language Festival," meticulously orchestrated by HCCELC! Join us on this immersive journey through the layers of Victorian complexity– where gas lamps flicker, characters come to life and the echoes of literary giants reverberate. Rest assured, you shall discover a reverent affinity for this celebration of words, ingenuity, and cultural resonance.

???? ????????:

1. Spell Master
2. Turn the Coat
3. Act it Out
4. Time Warp Tales
5. Enchant Through Verses
6. Whisper of Ink

???? ????? ????????:
1. Labyrinth of Literature
2. Language Championship
3. Battle of Masterminds
4. Podcast: Echoes of English
5. Wall Magazine
6. Scrapbook

??????? ?????:
1. All participants must maintain the dress code by wearing their college uniform (This rule is not applicable for the participants of ‘Act It Out’).
2. It is mandatory to carry an institutional ID card during the entire fest.
3.There is no institutional boundary for any team. Members from separate institutions can collaborate to make up a team and take part in team based segments.
4. Any cheating or falsehood is never acceptable. If anyone is found doing so, there will be no other option except disqualification.
5. The decisions of the authority and the regarded jury boards are finalised under any circumstances which are non-negotiable.
6. Only the students of class XI and XII are eligible participants. HSC-2023 candidates will not be allowed to participate.

?????????? ????????????:

Bkash no: 01726897983 (Please add your name & your institution name at reference)
Registration fee: BDT 100/-
Registration deadline: 30 April 2024
*A participant has to pay the registration fee and fill up the form just FOR ONCE. Then they can participate in all the segments.*

?????????? ???????????? (??? ????):
? https://forms.gle/SXn8ejmcjQD45tit9 ( For Crossians)

?????????? ???????????? (????? ????????):
? https://forms.gle/MPYffHPqnNvnNGXh7
?Must check the details of the segments in our event discussion before filling up.
⬛ Registration form for team-based segments:
? https://forms.gle/nW3hNgoJFq8VWhYQA

????? ??????: Unveiling the curtains of spelldom, where there is a shout-out for all the spelling enthusiasts out there who have a meticulous grasp of orthography. Therefore, it is the time to embark on the voyage to demonstrate your calibre and apprehension as well as receiving your deserved acknowledgment.

1. There will be two offline rounds for the solo segment ‘Spell Master’. The first round will be a written round where the participants have to listen to the pronunciation of a list of words and write down the words with proper spelling within the finite time.
2. Top 10 highest scorers will proceed to the final round.
3. The second/final round is highly insistent and buzzer-based. Whoever punches the buzzer first, gets to answer first.
4. Further updates will be notified before the event.

???? ??? ????: Do you envisage yourself in the fictional realm where you are incessantly required to navigate a case with appropriate reasoning, sanity, and argumentation? Let it be the breathtaking atmosphere of Sir Conan Doyle’s creation where you must delve into the cognitive and convincing propositions. This enthralling segment will most definitely find the most eloquent and incisive people as they will be giving speeches both in favour and against the motion. As the two sides of the coins are being represented with equal potential simultaneously.

1. ‘Turn the Coat’ is a solo segment that will be of two rounds. Both of the rounds are going to be held on a Discord server (online) where participants will be allocated a specific topic on which they have to prepare their ideas within a few minutes.
2. There will be 4 minutes for each speech where they will be required to divide the time into halves and deliver a speech both in favour and against the motion.
3. Top 10 contestants with noteworthy performance will be qualified for the next round. A similar procedure is also applicable for the second round.
4. Any sort of discourteous or blasphemous statement is highly discouraged and prohibited.

??? ?? ???: Who has not fantasised about being Bassanio when he chooses his casket and discovers his fortune? You must have contemplated the moment when Dr. Watson scopes out the ancient hut in the moor and begins to look through its belongings, he hears footsteps approaching him. This segment is dedicated to the people who are fanatics about those plays and movie characters and subsuming the art of acting. Now it is the moment you have to come out of the cocoon and flaunt the characters in a captivating way affiliating the aptitude of acting.

????? ??? ??? ?? ???:
i) Pride and Prejudice
ii) The Merchant of Venice
iii) Alice in Wonderland
iv) Sherlock Holmes
v) Enola Holmes
vi) Romeo and Juliet


1. This will be a solo segment.
2. More than one participant is allowed to team up in order to portray their desired scene, but they have to keep in mind that the judgement will be based on individual performances and winners will be awarded individually as well.
3. Participants HAVE TO submit a clip of the scene they have chosen and the background soundtrack before the fest, in the registration form given below. Otherwise, you will not be considered for performance on the event day.

4. Participants can wear the apparel of their preferred character. But the costumes and makeup cannot be indecent or inappropriate. Gore and explicit content are strongly prohibited. Swearing or using vulgar terms and phrases is not allowed.
5. Participants can bring their own background soundtrack and props for their performances.
6. Participants have to be careful not to demolish or damage the college property in any way while performing on the stage with their own props.
Registration form:
? https://forms.gle/T9nHACNL8A6KskwR9

???? ???? ?????: Sharpen your mental scalpels, and hone your wit, for in this segment we are about to delve into the realm of the unsolved! As the curtain rises on this tale of intrigue and uniqueness, unleash your inner maverick and prepare to embark on a journey where creativity reigns supreme and every word is a brushstroke upon the canvas of possibility.
This adventurous segment will be divided into ??? ??????.

❗The first round of Time Warp Tales will be a submission-based online round. A list of usable endings is attached herein. Participants must choose one ending and craft their story according to the distinctive interpretation of that ending(maximum 400 words).

????? ?? ???????: [choose one]
1. Sweat beading on his forehead, he pressed the final button with a trembling hand. A single message blinked on the screen: "Congratulations, you have successfully altered the future. Are you prepared for the consequences?"
2. She watched as the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows over the deserted street. With a bittersweet realisation, she concluded that sometimes the darkest moments pave the way for the brightest tomorrows.
3. With horror, she heard the countdown reach zero. She heard the machine whirring to life somewhere near her head. A disembodied voice boomed, "Welcome to the simulation. Remember, reality is nothing but a well-staged illusion.”
4. Rain lashed against the grimy windowpane, blurring his view of the stormy ocean churning outside the lighthouse window. He glanced at the grandfather clock, a sense of unease settling in his gut. Was this just another tragic accident, or something far more sinister?

❗The First Cut or Round 1 will serve as a qualifier round. A group of brilliant minds will be chosen for ????? ? which will be held ?? ??????. Every chosen individual will be given an ??????????? ?????? for the second round. Based on the illustration, they will be given free rein to let their imagination roam and intuition hum. Interpret the cryptic visual and embrace the magic of storytelling! But beware– although creativity is the key, you must find an innate correlation between your cunning artistry and the given prompt. Further details of this round will be disclosed later.

1. This is a solo segment. There will be two rounds.
2. The participants are given four different endings to a story (Note: NOT the beginning) for the first round. They can choose only one of them, and write the rest of the story accordingly to fit their narrative.
3. The word limit for the story is 400. The story has to be in English. Use of vulgar or inappropriate terms and phrases is not allowed. The story can be from any genre of your choice.
4. Participants have to submit their stories via Google Forms within the specific deadline as a PDF or Doc file(must give the viewer access beforehand).
5. The qualified individuals of the first round will be notified via email.
6. The submission deadline for the first round is: 28 April,2024
Time Warp Tales submission:
? https://forms.gle/WfsQwN9U43heqWCt6
Submission deadline for Round 1: 28 April,2024
Let your thoughts bloom on a digital canvas and pen a masterpiece like no other!

??????? ??????? ??????:
???? ?? ??? ????? ???? ????????
???? ??????? ?? ??? ????
??? ????? ??? ???? ??????? ??? ?????,
??? ????? ????? ?? ???.
The classic tapestry of poetry has always evolved throughout human civilization bestowing perspicacious wisdom greatly. Now it is high time you unleashed your flair for rendering ballads and embraced the artistry of articulation.

????? ??? ??????? ??????? ??????:
◾ Preliminary Round :
1. The Ballad Of Reading Gaol - Oscar Wilde
2. Annable Lee - Edgar Allen Poe
3. The Road Not Taken - Robert Frost
4. Ulysses - Alfred Tennyson
5. Because I Could Not Stop For Death - Emily Dickinson
6. O Captain! My Captain - Walt Whitman
7. The Stolen Child - W. B. Yeats

◾ Final Round :
1. A Psalm Of Life - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
2. The Charge of the Light Brigade - Alfred Tennyson
3. Casabianca - Felicia Hemans
4. If - Rudyard Kipling
5. Ode To A Nightingale - John Keats
6. The Sands Of Dee - Charles Kingsley
7. My Last Duchess - Robert Browning

1. This is a poetry recitation competition.
2. It is a solo segment and the first round is submission-based.
3. Participants have to recite any of the aforementioned poems and record a video/audio of the recitation. Then they have to submit the file in the registration form given below.
4. The preliminary round will be held offline ONLY for the students of Holy Cross College. They will be duly notified about the date and time.
5. The video/audio clip must have a clear sound. Participants cannot edit or artificially alter the sound of the clip.
6. There is no duration limit for the recording.
7. Top 10 selected participants from the submission-based first round will proceed to the next round, which will be held in Holy Cross College Auditorium on the event day.
8. In the final round, participants will recite in the auditorium.
Submission deadline for Round 1: 28 April 2024
Registration Link:

??????? ?? ???: Writing has forever been regarded as art since the stroke of ink can contrive gracefully embellished patterns. The visual art of writing heightens the expressive, harmonious, and skillful manner. All the calligraphers, get inclined with your ink and brush to commence on the greatest venture of flaunting the artistry. Then why delay to grab the opportunity and showcase your innate artist?

???????? ?????? ??? ???????????:
1.She lives the poetry she cannot write.(Oscar Wilde)
2. Brevity is the soul of wit. (William Shakespeare)
3. Dreams fuel ambition. (Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre)
4. Ink flows as emotions dance. (Emily Dickinson)
5. There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart. (Jane Austen)

1. This will be a submission based and solo segment.
2. Participants have to select any one of the given famous quotes and prepare their calligraphy artwork of the selected quote.
3. The art has to be hand-written and authentic.
4. Participants have to prepare the calligraphy work on white A4 size paper and come to the college premises to submit their work.
5. Participants are free to use any coloured ink or paint to do the calligraphy.
6. A participant can submit only one calligraphy work of a quote.
7. Use of inappropriate designs is strongly prohibited.
Registration form:

????????? ?? ??????????:
“?????????? ?? ?????? ???? ??? ???????? ?? ??? ??? ???? ?????? ?????? ?????? ??? ???????? ?? ??????.”
Throughout the chronicle of mankind, literature has poised interrogations that the bibliophiles kept looking for. ‘Labyrinth of Literature’ sets forth distinguished literary aspects that still perplex the aspirant readers. Along with the literary prospects, you have to interpret enigmatic indications and elucidate the conundrum. HCCELC acquaints its signature event with the drum rolls dedicated to the adherence of literary fanatics.


1. Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
2. Dracula by Bram Stoker
3. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
4. A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


By Emily Dickinson:
1. Success is counted sweetest
2. "Hope" is the thing with feathers

By Robert Frost:
1. Mending Wall
2. Fire and Ice


1. The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

?You will find the PDF of the books here?


1. This will be a team based segment with three members in each team.
2. All the questions will be from the list of books, poems, and other literary pieces mentioned above. So participants must read the required works beforehand.
3. The segment will take place in two rounds. The first round will be held online on a Discord server. In the first round, each team will be given a series of clues sequentially within a limited time.
4. The link to the Discord server will be provided via email.
5. When a team solves their first clue, they will be given the second one and so on.
6. After the specific amount of time is over, the teams will not receive any more clues.
7. The top 10 teams from the first round will move on to the final round, which will take place in Holy Cross College campus.
8. In the final round, the teams have to solve clues as well. However, they have to physically move around inside the college campus in order to correctly reach the places that their clues indicate.
9. Each team will be accompanied by a volunteer during the rounds to provide clues and guidance.
10. Further instructions will be given shortly before the segment starts.

???????? ????????????: The linguistic aura never fails to initiate charisma, enigma, and aptness which are the precursors leading towards proficiency. The deftness of language is acuminated with four fundamental components: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. HCCELC as a proponent instigates the serpentine and startling contest of profound linguistic expertise. So fasten your seatbelts for the voyage into the ocean of English Language.


1. In this team-based segment, each team must be formed with three members.
2. This segment has three consecutive parts and all participating teams must take part in all of them.
3. The first part will be designed with anagrams, crosswords, and word hives which candidates will need to solve.
4. The second part has been crafted to test the listening capability. After listening to an audio clip with profound attention, participants have to answer questions relying on the clip.
5. Last but not the least, the final part is to discern the writing quality of the proficient contestants. They have to write down argumentative and open-ended questions based on their perception.
The use of electronic devices is forbidden. If any cheating or dishonest means are found, the team will be disqualified instantly.

?????? ?? ???????????: In the Odyssey of Wisdom, there exists only the romp of erudition, hostility among the prudent individuals for the thirst of knowledge. From Socrates to Francis Bacon, intelligence has always been worshipped and acclaimed as the most revered treasure. So let us delve ourselves into the oasis of intellectualism and acknowledge the genius.

1. In this team based segment, each team will consist of three members.
2. There will be two consecutive rounds and the first one is written where each team has to answer 25-30 questions within the given time.
3. Top 6 highest scoring teams will be qualified for the next round which is buzzer-based. The team who presses the buzzer first gets to answer first.
4. If anyone is found using electronic devices or any other unethical means, the team will be eliminated instantly.
5. The questions are mostly based on mythology, literature, and pop culture.
6. Under any circumstances, the decision of the jury board and the authority will be finalized.

???????: ?????? ?? ???????: HCCELC is pioneering to a phenomenal segment that brings a delightful combination of phonetic affluence and the art of judgment. Here perception meets art which leads to a superficial state of understanding and discernment.

??????/????? ?????: ????????? ??? ?? ?????? ???????:
1) Literary Adventures:All about the world of Victorian literature, exploring classic and contemporary works, analyzing themes, characters, and storytelling.
2) Language and Identity :The power of language in shaping personal and cultural identity, discussing linguistic diversity, language evolution, and bilingualism.
3) Social Issues and Advocacy & Renewed Societal norms :Pressing social issues evolved from the Victorian Era, environmental sustainability & human rights through insightful discussions.
4) Victorian Culture and Media Analysis : The influence of Victorian Culture on society. Analysing trends, memes and viral content through a critical lens.

5) Advancement in Science and Tech : From groundbreaking innovations to ethical dilemmas, delve into topics such as AI, space exploration, biotechnology, and sustainability. Participants are encouraged to critically analyse advancements, consider their societal impacts, and speculate on future possibilities, fostering insightful discussions that bridge the gap between STEM and society.
?An episode is provided to give more clarity on the themes/topics:

1. This is a submission-based and team-based segment where participants have to form a team of maximum two members.
2. Participants have to select one of the five given topics and create a video/audio of the podcast.
3. The podcasts should be 5-7 minutes in length and adhere to the context of theme/topic. Participants are encouraged to be creative and original in their content.
4. Participants can submit through Google form. Detailed instructions on file format and submission guidelines will be provided.
5. Submissions will be evaluated based on criteria such as creativity, clarity, production quality, and relevance to the theme. A panel of judges will review the podcasts and select the top entries.
6. Respectful and constructive communication is required at all times within interactions with team members. Plagiarism of any kind is strictly prohibited. Participants must not use content from other sources without proper attribution or permission.
7. Hate speech, offensive language,slang or discriminatory remarks are not tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification.
8. Participants must not engage in any form of cheating, including manipulating listeners, statistics or submitting false information.
9. Participants must not violate copyright or intellectual property rights when creating their podcasts, including using copyrighted music or materials without permission.
Submission deadline: 28 April 2024
Registration form:

???? ???????? ??? ?????????:

“Art aims to represent not the outward appearance of things but their inward significance”
Literature and art fuse together to devise the most amiable and winsome ambiance. This segment is going to portray the prepossessing literary arts that echo the whispers of delicacy and elegance. So seize the shot and delineate the kaleidoscopic literary charisma.

1. Participants must craft their wall magazine or scrapbook according to a theme related to English Language and/or English Literature.
2. These are team based segments where a total of two members have to team up.
3. Any disrespectful or indecent language or visuals are disallowed.
Registration form:

???? ??????????? ????'? ??? ????? ????????
◼️?? ??????? ???
???????? (??? ???)
7.00pm - 9.00pm - Labyrinth of Literature (1st round)
7.00pm - 9.00pm - Turn the coat (1st round)
◾????? ???
??????(??? ???)
02:00pm - 02:30pm - Opening Ceremony
02:30pm - 05:00pm - Wall magazine, Scrapbook, Whisper of Ink(Calligraphy) submission
03:00pm - 04:30pm -Time Warp Tales (Final)
4.00pm - 5.00pm - Turn the coat (Offline) (Final)
◾?????? ???
????????(??? ???)
08:00am - 09:00am - Reporting
09:00am - 09:30am - Spell Master
9.15am - 10.30am - Enchant Through Verses(Final)
09:45am - 10:30am - Battle of Masterminds
10:45am- 12:00pm - Language Championship
11.00am- 01:00pm - Act It Out
??:???? - ??:????-????? ?????
01:30pm - 03:00pm - Battle of Masterminds(Final)
02:00pm - 02:30pm - Spell Master(Final)
02:30pm - 03:30pm - Labyrinth of Literature(Final)
04:15pm - 06:00pm - Closing Ceremony
Please be aware that the event schedule is not final and is subject to change with prior notice. We kindly ask all attendees to regularly check this page for updates and adjustments to the event itinerary.
❗Note: All participants must fill up the individual registration form and clear payments. Those who are going to compete as teams must fill up the ‘Team-based’ registration form then. No further payment will be needed at that time. Those who are participating in ‘Enchant Through Verses’, ‘Time Warp Tales’ and ‘Act It Out’ must also fill up the individual registration form and clear payments first, then fill up the form given with their very description.

☎️ ??????? ???????????:
◾Jumaina Raojat Madhurzo
Phone No: 01981989861
FB profile link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61555236287541
Email: [email protected]
◾Zareen Tasnim Rahman
Vice President
Phone No: 01812032045
FB profile link: https://www.facebook.com/zareentasnim.rahman?mibextid=ZbWKwL
Email: [email protected]
◾Sidratul Muntaha Raisa
General Secretary
Phone No: 01875807910
FB profile link:
Email: [email protected]

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Holy Cross College, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Holy Cross College English Language Club

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