EBL Presents 5th IELC National English Language Carnival 2024


Fri May 10 2024 at 08:00 am to Sat May 11 2024 at 05:00 pm


Ideal School & College,Motijheel,Dhaka-1000 (ISC) | Dhaka, DA

Fasten your seatbelts all the English enthusiasts as the Ideal English Language Club is ready to take off and fly you to a world where English blossoms.

The anticipation mounts as we gear up for the grand return of the ultimate English extravaganza – the 5th IELC National English Language Carnival, proudly organized by the Ideal English Language Club (IELC). With a legacy of relentless dedication to promoting English proficiency, IELC invites you to be a part of history once again this May. Join us for two unforgettable days on 10 and 11 May, 2024, at Ideal School and College, Motijheel, Dhaka, where brilliance meets opportunity. Prepare to immerse yourself in a whirlwind of captivating segments designed to showcase and enhance your English skills. Don't miss out on this epic gathering of linguaphiles – the 5th IELC National English Language Carnival awaits!

There will be 3 groups of participants:

1. Group ‘J’ - Class (6-8)

2. Group ‘S’ - Class (9, 10, SSC'24)

3. Group ‘C’ - Class (11-12)

Curious about what's in store for you? Here's a sneak peek at the lineup of events waiting to captivate your interest:


1. English Olympiad (J,S,C) [1-R]
2. Wordgame (J,S,C) [1-R]
3. Turn Coat (S,C) [2-R]
4. Extempore Speech (J,S,C) [2-R]
5. Instant Story Writing (J,S,C) [1-R]
6. Team Based Quiz (S & C) [2-R]
7. Marvel and DC Quiz (J,S,C) [1-R]
8. Spell master (J,S,C) [2-R]
9. Multimedia Presentation (S,C) [1-R]
10. Wall Magazine (S,C) [1-R]
11. Scrapbook (J,S,C) [1-R]
12. Composition and Sketch Submission (J,S,C) [1-R]
13. Photography (Smartphone,DSLR) [1-R]
14. Signature Event (J,S,C) [2-R]

*One Round events : [1-R]
*Two Round events : [2-R]

Events Description:
⭑ 1. English Olympiad :
English Olympiad: No English Carnival is complete without the English Olympiad. Participants must answer a series of classic questions covering various topics of the English language within 25 minutes to showcase their proficiency in one of the world's most important languages.
1. This is a solo written segment.
2. In simple terms, it's a written test featuring questions on English grammar, literature, vocabulary, and general knowledge.
3. The segment includes a variety of question formats, such as multiple choice, one-word type, and descriptive questions.
4. It consists of only one round.

⭑ 2. Wordgame :
Word game: Engage your mind! Test your vocabulary in our thrilling word game event. Whether it's crosswords or anagrams, puzzles are universally beloved. What adds to the excitement is solving them promptly, ideally ahead of the pack!
This event is divided into two segments:

Jumbled words: In this part, participants have to rearrange letters to create new words or use words in different ways by rearranging their letters, making sure to use all the letters at once.
Crossword: A puzzle with squares and blank spaces where you write words vertically and horizontally based on clues.
1. This is an individual writing event.
2. Participants have 30 minutes for completion.
3. There's only one round.

⭑3. Extempore Speech :

Get ready for an exhilarating display of quick wit and eloquence as we present the Extempore Speech Competition! Join us as participants take the stage without any prior preparation to share their thoughts on a wide range of topics. Witness the spontaneity and creativity unfold as speakers captivate the audience with their impromptu speeches.

1. It is a solo speaking event

2. There will be two rounds-

A) Preliminary round
B) Final round

3. 6 participants from each category will proceed to the final round

4. A topic will be randomly selected 3 minutes prior to the participant’s speech in the preliminary
round and the final round 4 minutes prior to the participant’s speech.

⭑4. Turn Coat :

You know the drill at this point. Turn Coat is a staple in almost every competition. Pick a topic, and you'll have the opportunity to both speak in favor of it, and as the devil's advocate while speaking against it. Choose your words wisely!

1. It is a solo speaking event.

2. There will be two rounds-

A) Preliminary round
B ) Final round

3. 6 participants from each category will proceed to the final round.
4. A topic will be randomly selected 3 minutes prior to the participant’s speech.
5. The speaker will give a speech in favor of the provided topic for 1.5 minutes and against the topic for 1.5 minutes.
6. In Final round A topic will be randomly selected 4 minutes prior to the participant’s speech The speaker will give a speech in favor of the provided topic for 2 minutes and against the topic for 2 minutes.

⭑5. Instant Story Writing:

Inside each of us lies a storyteller waiting to emerge. Why keep it concealed? Release your creative spirit and craft a captivating story worthy of acclaim. Let your pen speak for you!

1. Participants will receive a prompt or scenario and must complete the story using their creativity.

2. It's an individual writing competition.

3. Participants will have 30 minutes for completion.

4. There will be only one round.

⭑6. Spell Master :

Experience the excitement of the Spell Master Competition! It is a spelling competition which is going to be the war for the master spellers.

1. It will be held in two rounds.

A) The first round will be a written round time limit of 30 minutes.

B) Final round will be a verbal round in which the participants' spelling knowledge will be evaluated verbally

⭑7. Team Based Quiz (S & C) :

Unleash your reservoir of knowledge in our premier event, the Team Based Quiz! Be the first to hit the buzzer and showcase your expertise to the world.

1. It is a team event, each team must consist of a maximum of 3 members.

2. There will be two rounds: Preliminary and Stage
The Priminary round would consist of a written exam. The 6 top scoring teams will progress to the Stage round
The Stage round would be a buzzer round, where the first team to press the buzzer in each question gets the floor. Three top scoring teams would be declared as winners!

4. Topic: General Knowledge.
5. There is no institutional barrier in this segment. A team can consist of members from any school or college.

⭑8. Marvel and DC Quiz:

Are you a fan of superheroes? If you are a comic book and superheroes' movie or TV series fan then this event is especially for you. The quiz will be based on two biggest names in comics: Marvel & DC.

1.This is a written quiz competition
2.This quiz will include all Marvel and DC comics, movies and tv shows.

3.Participants will participate individually as it will be a solo event.

4.This event is open for all categories.

⭑9. Multimedia Presentation:

Unleash your creativity and pitch us your best presentation! Select a topic from our diverse range of options and craft a visually stunning display to showcase your ideas. It's time to walk the walk and dazzle us with your multimedia skills!

1. This is a team event consisting of a single round.

2. Each team must have a unique name and comprise 2 members from the same or different institutions.

3. Participants must create their own presentations on a selected topic.

4. The presentation should be delivered by 2 participants in a team.

5. Participants must bring their own laptop or necessary multimedia device.

6. Presentations can be created using Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, or any other software.

7. Content must adhere to strict community guidelines and avoid offending any race, gender, caste, or religion.

8. Participants will have 5 minutes for presenting, followed by a judging round after each presentation.

9. Notifications will be given after two and a half minutes and after four minutes to manage time effectively.

10. Participants must avoid exceeding the provided time limit.

The topics of multimedia presentation are :

Senior :
1. Global Inflation
2. Sonnets
3. Israel-Palestine conflict: Throughout the years
1. Victorian literature
2. Haitian Revolution
3. Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict

⭑10. Wall Magazine :

Get ready to unleash your creativity in our Wall Magazine segment. Choose from our curated list of topics and express yourself with passion and creativity. It's time to spark conversations and share your unique perspective.

Topic: Open

Rules and Regulations:
1. This is a team-based competition.

2. Each team must have a unique name and consist of a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 3 members from the same or different institutions.

3. Size: Maximum of 6 feet by 4 feet.

The base should be made of cork sheet.

4. Teams will create a wall magazine on any of the selected topics and submit it during the submission hour.

5. The submission hour is from 8:30 am to 10:30 am on the first day of the carnival.

6. Participants will present their ideas to the judges during the presentation session.

7. Content must adhere to strict community guidelines and avoid offending any particular race, gender, caste, or religion.

⭑11. Scrapbook :

Let your personality shine through in our Scrapbook segment! Choose a topic from our diverse selection and express your personal thoughts and opinions in a creative and relatable way. A scrapbook is a reflection of yourself, so make sure yours truly represents who you are!

Topics: Open

Rules and Regulations:
1. This is a solo event.

2. Participants must compile their memories in the form of a book.

3. They must include research, analysis, and divisions of the topic, along with relevant pictures and descriptions in the scrapbook.

4. Participants can decorate their scrapbook according to their preference.

5. The scrapbook should not only have figurative design but also be filled with necessary information.

6. Participants must submit their scrapbooks during the submission hours.

7. Content must adhere to strict community guidelines and avoid offending any particular race, gender, caste, or religion.

⭑12. Composition and Sketch Submission :

a. Composition : “The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.” – Gustav Flaubert. Buckle up guys because IELC is bringing you the opportunity to unleash your inner writers through the composition submission segment.



1. Current educational system of Bangladesh
2. Media violence and children
3. Cultural diversity


1. Self love vs narcissism
2. AI and human intelligence
3. Should abortion be banned


1. Linguistic influences on cognitive development
2. The dystopian lense
3. Prevention of criminal behavior

Rules and Regulations:
1. Participants will be given selected topics. They have to choose one of the topics and write a unique composition using their own creativity.

2. The segment is an online submission based segment.

3. The composition must be typed and submitted in a PDF or Google Docx format.

4. No submission will be accepted after the due time.

5. Word limit 800 words(maximum).

6. Using Chat gpt / AI and plagiarism is strictly prohibited. If a participant violates any of the rules he or she will be disqualified.

b. Sketch : Calling all artists, doodlers, and creative souls! Get ready to showcase your incredible talent in our sketch submission event! Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, this event is for YOU!

Rules and Regulations:
1. There is no significant topic for this segment. Feel free to choose any concept however any kind of vulgar content will be disqualified.
2. The sketch has to be done in white cartridge paper of any size.
3. The participants have to bring their respective artworks and submit it in the submission hours.
4.The participants must be present in the reporting and submission time. Otherwise the artwork won't be granted.
5. The decision of the judges will be considered as the final call.

⭑13. Photography :

Embark on a visual journey, capture the essence of adventure, and showcase your unique perspective on travel and exploration. From breathtaking landscapes to candid moments, each photograph is a testament to your vision and the stories you want to share with the world. So, photography enthusiasts, are you ready to capture the magic?

*There will be two categories-
i) DSLR Photography
ii) Mobile Photography

Topic : Anything representing our local or national historical place, daily life, food, music, clothing, festivals, people, etc.

1. Minor edit, adjustments, and color correction is accepted but any use of Ai or image manipulation will be disqualified.
2. One can submit a maximum of 5 photographs.
3. Images must be submitted in JPG/JPEG format for mobile photography and PNG format for DSLR photography
4. Size should not exclude 10 MB.

⭑14. Signature Event :

Will be revealed soon

1. Using electronic devices for unfair means during time of competition is prohibited. It can only be used if needed.
2. Institutional Uniforms and ID cards are a must. You have to bring a printed copy or soft copy of your registration, if you have done pre-registration.
3. All kinds of unwanted activities like use of cigarettes, vapes etc. are prohibited in campus premises
4. All participants are kindly asked to comply with the organizers with regards to any matter and maintain proper order
5. In regards to any occurrence, the decision of the authority will be final.

Registration Link: 5thnelc.ielc.online
For any further enquiries, contact:

Administrative queries :

Eajaj Mahamud Arick
President, 7th Executive Committee
Phone no: +8801972955302
Email: [email protected]

Mahathir Ann Nafi
General Secretary, 7th Executive Committee
Phone no: +8801799638945
Email: [email protected]
For event related queries :

Abdullah Al Mahmud
Vice-President, POE, 7th Executive Committee
Phone no: +8801316988382
Email: [email protected]

Tahjib Ahmad Chowdhury
Vice-President, CNC, 7th Executive Committee
Phone no: +8801953722544
Email: [email protected]

Where is it happening?

Ideal School & College,Motijheel,Dhaka-1000 (ISC), শাহজালাল ইসলামী ব্যাংক-মতিঝিল, ঢাকা, বাংলাদেশ,Dhaka, Bangladesh

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