4th National Art Carnival


Thu Apr 18 2024 at 08:00 am to Sat Apr 20 2024 at 07:00 pm


Notre Dame College, Dhaka, Bangladesh | Dhaka, DA

Everybody has the urge to express their emotions or share their ideas or thoughts about life, the universe, other people, and the natural world. The 4th National Art Carnival is being presented to you by the Notre Dame Art Club with the goal of giving you the amazing opportunity to express yourself through art in all of its forms and transporting you from the everyday world to a place where imaginations are alive. To allow you to explore who you are and showcase your creative vision, the event will begin with many incredible events and an art exhibition. So sign up, get ready to participate in the festival, and enjoy yourself.
• Children (Classes 3-5)
• Junior (Classes 6-10)
• Senior (Classes 11-12, HSC'23, HSC’22, HSC’21)
• Open for all (No age limitations)
◑List of events :
On Spot events:
1. Traditional Art (C,J,S)
2. Fictional and Sci-fi Characters Drawing (C,J,S)
3. Caricature Contest (S)
4. T-shirt Designing (Open) [UP - Universally Paid]
5. Rickshaw Art (Open for all)
6. Pictionary (Open for all)
7. Tag-in (Open for all)
8. Doodle rush (Open for all)
9. Attire Designing(MALE) (Open for all)
10. Attire Designing(FEMALE) (Open for all)
11. সরা চিত্র (Shora Chitro) (Open for all) [UP] [Will be in Exhibhition]
13. যেমন খুশি তেমন আঁকো (ONLY FOR NURESRY TO CLASS TWO Child)

Submission events:
1. Art Exhibition (J,S) [UP - Universally paid] [Will be in Exhibhition]
2. Wall magazine Contest (J,S) [Will be in Exhibhition]
3. Crafts (J,S) [Will be in Exhibhition]
4. Digital Poster Designing (S) [UP - Universally paid] [Will be in Exhibhition]
5. Animation (Open for all)
6. Digital Art Contest (S) [UP - Universally paid] [Will be in Exhibhition]
7. Pixel Art (Open for all) [UP - Universally paid] [Will be in Exhibhition]
8. Scrap Book (J,S) [Will be in Exhibhition]
9. Photography (Open For ALL) [UP - Universally paid] [Will be in Exhibhition]
10. Motion Art (Open for all)
11. Origami (Open for all) [Will be in Exhibhition]
12. 3d Rendering (open for all)
Will be revealed soon.
◑Event Registration Links :
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◑Event Descriptions :
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Where is it happening?

Notre Dame College, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Notre Dame Art Club

Host or Publisher Notre Dame Art Club

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