3 Keys to Empowered Motherhood


Wed Nov 29 2023 at 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm


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Unlock your potential as a badass mom in this online event where we'll reveal the 3 essential keys to rock motherhood like a boss!
About this Event
3 Keys to Empowered Motherhood

Join us for a TRANSFORMATIVE online event where we will explore the

3 Keys to Empowered Motherhood:

  1. Trust Yourself
  2. Release Guilt
  3. Lead with Confidence

This event is for the MOM who...

?? feels burnt out doing everything for her family, even sacrificing her own needs, but still feels like she isn't good enough or that she should be doing more

?? worries that she is failing whenever she makes a mistake or sees other moms making it look easy

?? feels guilty repeating the same mistakes her parents made becasuse that's all she knows and she wants to find a better way to mother her kids

?? is tired of yelling at her family or doing something she later regrets and wants to learn strategies for managing her emotions and fostering a loving connection with her family

?? feels pressure to do right by her kids but is so confused by all the conflicting information and wants to trust her decisions

Motherhood is hard.

I see you and I feel your struggle.

I've been there AND I'm still learning every day.

And it can be easier with simple shifts that I am SO EXCITED to share in this masterclass.

This masterclass is intended to give you...

? confidence in your ability to lead your family as a healthy role model and raise kids who are joyful, empowered and resilient

? a deeper understanding of yourself, your values and your kids so that you can make sure that your decisions are in alignment with what you truly desire

? a sense of relief knowing you are not alone and others have walked the same path as you so that you can stop being so hard on yourself and enjoy the process

? a community of like-minded moms supporting you along the way so that motherhood doesn't have to feel so lonely or scary anymore

? more time and energy when you simplify your life, prioritize yourself and your family over acting out of obligation to others, and unpack the old ways of being that no longer serve you

✨You will walk away feeling like the EMPOWERED MAMA you were always meant to be✨


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Coach Krista Mariposa

Host or Publisher Coach Krista Mariposa

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