2023 Outsound New Music Summit


Fri Jul 28 2023 at 07:30 pm to 10:00 pm


Berkeley Finnish Hall | Berkeley, CA

Outsound Presents the 2023 Outsound New Music Summit showcases some of the most innovative and pioneering new music that is happening in California and beyond.
Friday, July 28
JACK CURTIS DUBOWSKY ENSEMBLE featuring Isadora Kolmorgan
They will debut a new peice that takes the audience on the adventure of a lifetime: a millionaire’s space tourism adventure aka "Space tourism show ".
Jack Curtis Dubowsky - Spoken word, keyboard | Charles Sharp - Reeds, electronics | Jeff Schwartz - Double bass | Isadora Kolmorgan - Dance
Fusing Skatch, piano and live electronics while morphing, reversing and re-imagining music from electro-acoustic and noise to classical, dark ambient, drone and beyond. Skatch flags flying high with love and respect for the legacy of inventor and Cracking the Surface co-founder, Tom Nunn.
Thomas Dimuzio - Buchla modular synth, live sampling | Scott Looney - Piano, Hyperpiano DSP | David Michalak – various instruments of Skatch, box of junk, Phantom Harp
Saturday, July 29
“Half-time electronic soul for the mind” - Resident Advisor. Featured in PBS, NPR Tiny Desk Contest, KQED and Best of the Bay Editors’ Pick, Eki’Shola’s music transcends genre, as she seamlessly draws from jazz, electronica, and soul music to create a sonic landscape all her own. A vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and physician, Eki’Shola uses her music as a conduit for healing
A critically vocalist, Lily Taylor's much anticipated album, Amphora is expected to release in 2023. She has collaborated with musicians, dancers, performance artists, poets, fashion designers, and artists around the Bay Area, New Mexico, and the state of Texas - exploring the art of Drag, dive rock clubs, vintage jazz halls, SoMA theaters, parlors, galleries, and underground venues.
A duo formed by Danishta Rivero and Alexandra Buschman, mixing anti-patriarchal riotgrrrl lyrics, afro- caribbean rhythms, brujería noise and possessed vocals. Each performance is a ritual that combines all of the senses and elevates into a higher realm, inspiring the listener to dance, speak in tongues, laugh hysterically and get possessed by the spirits awoken.
Danishta Rivera & Alexandra Buschman-Román - voice/electonics/found objects
Sunday, July 30
Kim Nucci is an Oakland/Chicago-based multimedia artist, composer / improviser, sound engineer and technologist. They perform on saxophones, electronics, voice, and live projection. Nucci's research interests explore the pedestrian cybernetic body through critically examining our relationship with technology and with our instruments.
Mitch Stahlmann's practice encompasses the spectrums between music and sound. The resulting musicality can be best imagined as Lee Renaldo playing a solo on the set of Pee Wee’s Playhouse with an audience of nearly twelve.
Kim Nucci & Mitch Stahlmann - modular synths, drum machine, laptop), voice and winds using samples and live processing
Phog masheeen began in 2007 at the Electro-Music Festival in Philadelphia, PA. Video was integrated early on, with an emphasis on live mixed video. The visual component of these events is handled by William Almas of Almas Art Video. The audio presentation is provided by Dr. K and Mark A Soden Jr. and the three of them comprise They will be presenting "We're All Family here..." dealing with corporate personhood in a not so distant future. "
Personnel:William Alma - video | Dr. K and Mark A Soden Jr. - objects, electronics
The Present Quartet is a collaborative, improvising ensemble formed by Jeff Schwartz who bring a shared sensibility to the music, which blurs usual genre distinctions between avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, and contemporary classical music. The performances are often highly structured, yet spontaneously realized. They dwell on the unique sounds of the prepared harp and bass and extended techniques from the woodwinds sometimes augmented with live electronic processing, creating evocative and unique soundscapes.
Ellen Burr - flutes | Anne LeBaron - harp | Jeff Schwartz - bass | Charles Sharp - reeds
Monday, July 31
showcases improvised music with a blues music orientation at the core while keeping to a broad outlook towards “spontaneous composition”. Their wide swath takes in swing, Latin music, fusion, doom rock, reggae, punk, and many other musical elements. It's all “grist for the mill” as they create a new context for these elements where improbable connections are made and things happen when you least expect them to.
Rent Romus - alto, soprano, c-melody, sopraino saxophones | Gerard Cox- piano, key bass | Josh Strange - vibraphone | Troy Kunkler - drums
Ornettology began 10 years ago as a group dedicated to the music of Ornette Coleman, ranging from the early "classic quartet" to the later harmolodic years. Rather than recreating past ensembles or recorded pieces, the group uses Coleman's compositions as a springboard for re-interpretation, group improvisation, and free jazz exploration, always keeping a focus on Coleman's distinctive melodies. Written heads may appear as medleys, overlapping layers, or brief interludes framing unpredictable improv. Energetic septet arrangements alternate with a variety of subgroupings - duos/ trios/ quartets - to keep the textures varied and surprising.
Jordan Glenn - drums | Lisa Mezzacappa - double bass | Myles Boisen - guitar | John Shiurba - guitar | Steve Adams - alto saxophone | Sheldon Brown - tenor saxophone | Chris Grady - trumpet

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Berkeley Finnish Hall, 1970 Chestnut St,Berkeley,CA,United States

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