1st BDC Intra Debate Festival 2024: REASONING RAMPAGE


Thu May 09 2024 at 08:30 am to 06:30 pm


BIAM Model School & College | Dhaka, DA

BMSC Debating Club- BDC is yet again back with its potentiality in hosting the best events. This year now in march BDC is launching its very first intra debate fest after 1 year of its celebration. Debate participation promotes problem solving and innovative thinking, and helps students to build links between words and ideas that make concepts more meaningful. Following this attribute BDC back again with intra debate festival 2024 'reasoning rampage'
This year we ought to provide you with the debate festival you need to participate in. So step up your gear and prepare yourself for this stirring event with 200+ students all from BIAM ensuring a thrilling environment
•Event Details:
Date: 27.04.2024
Venue: BIAM model school & college
63,new eskaton, dhaka.
Segment list:
●Asian parliamentary debate (Bangla)
●Extempore speech (English)
●Extempore speech (Bangla)
●বাংলা বারোয়ারি
Segment details:
●Asian parliamentary debate
Asian Parliamentary Debate (APD) is a style of debating commonly used in Asia. It typically involves two teams, each consisting of three members, debating a motion presented by the adjudicator. The format combines elements of British Parliamentary Debate and Australasian Debate formats. APD emphasizes teamwork, strategic argumentation, and adaptability, with speeches ranging from constructive cases to rebuttals and points of information.
●Extempore speech (English)
Extempore speech is a spontaneous process where the speaker prepares the topic well and then delivers it temporarily.
Extempore speech can also help students to improve their English skills, also helps to improve the confidence level of the speaker in speaking fluent English
●Extempore speech (Bangla)
Vice versa as the extempore speech in english now the speaker would have to deliver his speech in bangla. This can help the students have a lore to bengalism and improve depth on bangla language.
Quizzing is a form of game or mind sport in which participants attempt to answer questions correctly. The topic selection of the quiz in the fest would be topics related to current affairs, general knowledge, academics.
●বাংলা বারোয়ারি
বিতর্কের সবচেয়ে শিল্পিত ধারার নাম বারোয়ারী বিতর্ক। এ বিতর্কে পক্ষ-বিপক্ষ থাকে না। প্রত্যেকে স্বাধীন ভাবে নিজের মনের জানালা খুলে ভাবতে পারে। একারনেই এটি বিতার্কিকের শ্রেষ্ঠত্ব প্রমানের সেরা জায়গা। এ বিতর্কে বিতার্কিক যেহেতু খুব বেশি স্বাধীন আর বিতর্কের বিষয়কে ভেঙ্গেচুরে যেকোন রূপ দেয়ার বিষয়ে তার পূর্ণ অধিকার।
The primary objective of hosting this event is to identify the hidden knowledge of speaking capabilities in a student. With great expectations 1st Intra debate festival is gonna be at your step on the 24th of April 2024.

Where is it happening?

BIAM Model School & College, 63, New Eskaton,Dhaka, Bangladesh

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BMSC Debate Club

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